As CBD is derived from natural hemp, it is often associated with the cannabis plant. Due to this, many individuals are still very misconceptions about this topic. However, CBD may last between 2 and 6 hours in your body before it is eliminated. In a number of studies carried out, the test results have shown that CBD may be detected in blood test days or even months after consumption.

The timeframe may vary depending on a number of factors, including frequency of usage, body type, CBD administration methods, types of CBD products you are consuming including broad or full spectrum CBD, and types of tests which are being carried out. CBD DOSAGE -  Like most other substances, the amount of CBD consumed by an individual affects how long it stays in your body. The higher the dosage ingested, the longer CBD will remain in your body.

  • FREQUENCY OF USSAGE - When it comes to how often you consume CBD, this will dictate how long the CBD will remain in your system. If it is consumed on a regular basis, the CBD molecules will build up in your system over time. The opposite will happen if you take in on a casual basis, the CBD will be removed from your system. We recommend that you are patient with the results as your body might take at least a week or two of constant consumption (2-3 drops a day, 2-3 times a day). 
  • BODY TYPE - No person has the same body type, and as such CBD can have different effects on different people. BMI (Body Mass Index) is the most significant factor that affects how CBD behaves in your body. If your body type has a high BMI, it will take longer to digest the CBD as this is classed as fat-soluble and as a result, it is stored in your body's fat cells, not your water cells. On the other hand, if you are a young individual with a high metabolism rate, the CBD may be released from your system much quicker than it would for an older individual. 
  • ADMINISTRATION METHODS - There is a limited number of ways in which you may administer a CBD based product. These can have a massive impact on the speed at which your body may retain or eliminate the CBD molecules from your body. CBD Oil is taken orally or placed under the tongue in order to be absorbed into your bloodstream quicker. CBD Capsules on the other hand are mostly swallowed and therefore take longer to be digested and absorbed into your system thus causing a delayed effect. 
  • FULL-SPECTRUM & BROAD-SPECTRUM CBD - Oxocan offers a range of Full-Spectrum CBD products including CBD Oils and CBD Capsules. Full-Spectrum simply means that the product contains all the natural compounds extracted form the plant including a very low does of THC. In the UK the THC levels should be below 0.2%. All of Oxocan's products are guaranteed within this levels. The independent lab reports are made available for each product under "Independent Lab Reports" page on the company's websiteBroad-Spectrum goes through the same extraction process, however in this case additional steps are taken to remove the THC from the product. Oxocan believes that when this process takes place, many of the naturally occurring compounds, including terpenes which are found in the plant are completely removed from the final product, hence the company decided to offer it's consumers the full-spectrum option. 
  • TYPES OF TESTS - There is a number of tests that your boss or company may require from you if you are starting a new job or as part of a random drug test. The first might be a blood test, which in most cases it is not required due to the cost associated with it and the second is less costly and that is a urine test.  In most cases, your boss will not be interested if you are taking a legal supplement such as CBD, as long the THC levels are within the legal boundaries of the jurisdiction you're operating within. Generally speaking, if you have consumed any CBD product 2-3 hours before a urine test, this might show as a positive test result, however, if you used CBD 24hrs or more before a test, it is very likely that the results will be negative. 
When it comes to your health and well-being, nothing short of the highest quality is acceptable. Oxocan offers its consumers a range of CBD products, including CBD Oil 20%, CBD Oil 15CBD Oil 10%CBD Oil 5% and CBD Capsules containing 10mg of CBD per capsule. 

The CBD Oils and CBD Capsules are manufactured in the UK under the strictest manufacturing processes, under the GMP Certification. This very important process ensures that all products are manufactured to the highest standards. Furthermore, all products have been independently lab tested by a third party specialised British lab to ensure that the products are safe to consume. cbd oil, organic cbd, british cbd, premium cbd, premium cbd oil, cbd oil 2000mg, cbd oil 1500mg, cbd oil 1000mg, cbd oil 500mg cbd capsules, cbd candles cbd oil for pain, cbd oil for anxiety, cbd for meta pause, cbd for sleep, amp, amp cbd, best cbd oil

This unique selection of products caters to all types of consumers, no matter how experienced one might be in using CBD products. These uniquely formulated products work to help improve your overall well-being and to restore your body's natural balance and to assist when dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain. Even though there is a great need for additional research, the consumers who understand the benefits of using Oxocan's CBD products speak for themselves.

Oxocan is considered a pioneer in health and wellness as such the company has introduced two very uniquely blended organic and natural scented essential oils CBD candles. These unique CBD candles are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients including organic hemp extract, GMP-certified CBD oil, English lavender, orange extract, camomile and bergamot. The wick is made from natural cotton that is paraffine free. This offers a natural and smoke-free burn.cbd candles, tranquillity, organic wax, natural wax, essential oils, aromatherapy, organic cbd candles, fresh candles, gift ideas, cbd, oxocan candles, yoga candles, vegan candles, organic, www.oxocan.comcbd candles, revitalise, organic wax, natural wax, essential oils, aromatherapy, organic cbd candles, fresh candles, gift ideas, cbd, oxocan candles, yoga candles, vegan candles, organic, www.oxocan.comAll products combined, aim to provide maximum efficacy by supporting the human body  and mind in its natural process. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of the natural aromatherapy that Oxocan CBD candles offers, click here.

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