Oxocan is proud to deliver a premium range of GMP certified products that are manufactured in the UK under GMP Standards.

Why Oxocan? 

From CBD oils to capsules and 100% natural essential oils CBD infused candles, Oxocan provides everything you need to bring the premium-grade CBD to your customers.  

Our products range include: • CBD oils • CBD capsules and • CBD candles

Our quality is second to none, with every batch of CBD independently tested by an accredited third-party lab. Combined with our industry-leading quality control and cutting-edge development, we’re helping businesses make safe, informed, and well-calculated steps into the CBD wellness industry.

Bring the power of CBD to your business with our premium CBD products. Simply fill out the form below, and our sales team will review your request and contact you within 24 hours.

Together, we can help your customers reach their wellness goals and live a more healthy and fulfilled life.  Please note that a physical retail store is mandatory for an Oxocan B2B partnership.