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Article: What are the benefits of consuming CBD?

What are the benefits of consuming CBD?

Benefits of CBD

Due to the numerous medicinal advantages of CBD or Cannabidiol, many people are turning to it. It has helped people by decreasing their anxiety and depression, even containing characteristics that combat cancer-related ailments. Another advantage of using CBD is that it improves your sleep, and you are more likely to have a restful sleep after consuming CBD. 

What does science say about CBD and its role in sleep?

Several research studies conclude that CBD does help with improving sleeping patterns. Before going into the scientific evidence, let's first examine why some individuals have trouble sleeping. Insomnia affects many people, and some of the probable causes include mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Other causes may include medicine that disrupts a person's cycle and physical ailments such as restless leg syndrome and body discomfort. Other potential influences include coffee consumption and ambient sounds such as outside disturbance, among others.

Let's now discuss scientific research that reconfirms the assumption of CBD is beneficial for your sleep. According to one study, a Cannabidiol dose of 160mg, improved sleeping patterns, in contrast to a placebo. The scientists also determined that the placebo, five milligrams of the insomnia medication nitrazepam, plus 160, 80, and 40mg of Cannabidiol all assisted individuals in falling asleep.

The steroid hormone cortisol, known as the stress hormone, is produced in higher quantities during the day than at night. However, in the occurrence of insomnia, the reaction is the reverse, resulting in sleep imbalance and a fluctuating pattern. 

Scientists determined that levels of cortisol fell more substantially when partakers took 600 or 300mg of Cannabidiol in one investigation on the benefits of CBD. These findings show that CBD influences cortisol secretion, perhaps functioning as a relaxant.   

Smaller Doses Vs. Bigger Doses

The CBD and research revolving around its advantages concluded that it is more effective when ingested in lower dosages as opposed to larger quantities. For example, a study on the anxiety-relieving benefits of CBD discovered that individuals who were given 25mg of CBD fared better than those who were given a higher dosage, up to 175mg of CBD. Another benefit of CBD for people who are facing sleep trouble is that CBD may aid in the reduction of REM behaviour disturbance in patients who have Parkinson's. REM behaviour disorder is an illness that leads people to take physical actions or movements while they have a dream or are sleeping. The body is often paralysed during REM, a condition known as REM atonia. This immobility prevents sleepers from physically reacting to their dreams. 

Does consuming CBD make you extra sleepy? 

The key to optimising your dose - if you consume more of it, you are more likely to feel the drug dominating your body, producing slight drowsiness. In contrast, if you consume it in smaller doses, your chances of experiencing undesired sleepiness are almost nil. 

Key Takeaway

CBD does indeed help in sleeping better; research has proven that it may suppress insomnia, lessen stress and anxiety, and make you feel relaxed and content overall. However, the one thing to keep in mind is the amount you consume and its regularity; in some cases, you should not go overboard and should only consume the required amount.

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