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We are a scientifically-driven wellness company focused on providing our consumers with the most natural and holistic British-made CBD products available on the market. Our products are uniquely formulated to help those who are seeking a more natural and holistic approach to improving their overall health and wellbeing.

As a British company, we are committed to human health and general wellness. At Oxocan we believe that lasting and sustainable well-being starts with small steps, and when it comes to CBD products and your health, nothing short of the highest quality is acceptable. 

Based in London, we created a range of uniquely formulated portfolio of CBD products that meet the highest manufacturing processes and that are at the forefront of the highest industry standards


Our CBD Oils and CBD Capsules work to improve your overall well-being and to restore your body's natural balance. The CBD oils and CBD capsules are manufactured under the strict GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice), which further highlights our commitment to providing our consumers with the highest quality of hemp-derived products. 

Oxocan has trademarked over 200 additional products and services that cover five main categories including 
  1. Cosmetics 
  2. Pharmaceuticals 
  3. Food and Beverages 
  4. Aromatherapy and 
  5. Online Digital Health Services

As we continue to grow and expand our products portfolio over the coming months and years, we will be introducing these to everyone who depends on Oxocan for natural and organic products. 

CBD Oil 20% (2,000mg)

CBD Oil 20% 2,000MG CBD for sleep, CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety, CBD for stress, CBD for Covid, What is CBD? Best CBD oil UK www.oxocan.com

CBD Oil 15% (1,500mg)

CBD Oil 15% 1,500MG CBD for sleep, CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety, CBD for stress, CBD for Covid, What is CBD? Best CBD oil UK www.oxocan.com

CBD Oil 10% (1,000mg) 

CBD Oil 10% 1,000MG CBD for sleep, CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety, CBD for stress, CBD for Covid, What is CBD? Best CBD oil UK www.oxocan.com

CBD Oil 5% (500mg)

CBD Oil 5% 500MG CBD for sleep, CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety, CBD for stress, CBD for Covid, What is CBD? Best CBD oil UK www.oxocan.com
CBD Capsules (10mg)
    CBD Capsules 10mg,  CBD for sleep, CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety, CBD for stress, CBD for Covid, What is CBD? Best CBD oil UK www.oxocan.com

    Alongside our premium CBD Oils and CBD Capsules we introduced two very unique 100% Natural and Organic CBD Candles.

    CBD Candle - Revitalise

    CBD Candle, Organic Candle, Natural CBD Candle, Organic Essential Oils, Organic Wax, CBD Candles UK, Aromatherapy CBD Candles

    CBD Candle - Tranquillity

    CBD Candle, Organic Candle, Natural CBD Candle, Organic Essential Oils, Organic Wax, CBD Candles UK, Aromatherapy CBD Candles

      These unique CBD candles are 100% natural and contain the highest quality ingredients and natural essential oils available on the market. All of our products aim to provide maximum efficacy by supporting the human body in its natural processes, and each product is developed using the latest research available and produced to the highest standards. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of aromatherapy and our CBD candles click here.

      As a British brand, we are very proud of all our CBD products as they are all manufactured in the UK, are 100% natural, are ethically-manufactured, are ethically-sourced, are Not Genetically Modified (GMO-free), are allergies and impurities-free. 

      Furthermore, to ensure product quality,  PhytoVista Laboratories, have independently tested all of our products. They hold the UKAS 20213 Certification and their testing standards meet the highest international requirements for testing practices and overall procedures.


      Our vision is to continue to re-create exceptional, innovative, cutting-edge, natural and holistic products and offer a range of premium services that have the potential to change the world and enrich the lives of all who depend on us.


      We believe that CBD has the power to revitaliseenhance, and support your day-to-day living and through our exceptional product quality, clear and transparent labelling, friendly application and easy-to-use products, we’re making CBD accessible to everyone who desires it.  

      As part of our customer service, we aim to educate our customers about the benefits of our products through our dedicated Academy page and our Instagram page.  


      At Oxocan we base our business on four core values that guide our company in close collaboration with our customers, employees, and business partners. Those values include product innovation, great passion, teamwork, and 100% transparency in all that we do.

      • INNOVATION: Innovation is at the core our our success. This means that we keep at the leading edge of international research while remaining sensitive to specific consumer needs and wants. Oxocan has a profound commitment to translating the latest scientific advancements into effective products, which are fully integrated with the modern consumer lifestyles.
      • PASSION: We believe that passion for what we do is the key driving force to success. The best way to achieve great things is to love what we do and this is guaranteed by every Oxocan team member.  
      • TEAMWORK: We are 100% committed to working as a team with an understanding that teamwork can make our dream of satisfying our customer's needs work, and by working together we can achieve outstanding results. The strength of our team is based on our combined experience and individual expertise that we all share.
      • TRANSPARENCY: We consider transparency as one of our core values. We can only build trust with our customers, business partners, stakeholders and employees by being completely upfront, visible and honest in everything that we do.


        At Oxocan, we understood from the very beginning that to fully realise the untapped potential of cannabidiol we must continuously improve, innovate and excel our customer's expectations. We harness and embrace the natural power and potential benefits that CBD can offer. As such, we built our business on the following principles:

        • CUSTOMERS COME FIRST: At Oxocan we take great pride in our excellent customer service before, during, and after every purchase. We pay extreme attention to taking into account our customers' feedback. All customers have access to our direct line by calling us directly or by filling out the contact form on our website and they will quickly receive a response from a dedicated Oxocan team member. Listening to customers’ suggestions, concerns and positive feedback encourage us greatly to maintain the highest customer service at all times.
        • QUALITY PRODUCTS: At Oxocan we understood from the very start that to establish ourselves as a premium wellness CBD brand in such an overcrowded marketplace was not going to be easy unless we were certain that our products were of the highest quality. We achieved this by forging long-term partnerships with our manufacturers who have invested heavily into their manufacturing and extraction processes. All these are topped with our in-house industry experience and independent lab testing. 
        • PURE AND NATURAL CBD: Our products are known for being pure, clean and natural. Unlike some “raw” CBD oils that appear dark and pasty, Oxocan's CBD oils are light in colour and have a pleasant organic taste thanks to our organic hemp-seed oil. In addition, we offer a diverse range of products to meet everyone's needs. We offer a range of CBD oils and Cbd capsules including, CBD oil 20% (2,000mg), CBD Oil 15% (1,500mg), CBD Oil 10% (1,000mg) and CBD oil 5% (500mg). Additionally, we offer a selection of vegetarian friendly and THC-free CBD capsules that contain 10mg of CBD per capsule. These are easy to use, have a measured and exact CBD dose and are flavourless which makes them a fantastic option for those who do not prefer the organic CBD oil flavours. These varied options meet the needs of both novices and experienced CBD consumers. 
        • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: We highly respect our environment and this is at the core of our business. All our products are recyclable once used. This includes the glass of our CBD Oils, CBD Capsules, CBD Candles including the packaging too. 


          Ian Timis - Oxocan London www.oxocan.com

          Ian Timis - Founder

          Working at the forefront of the industry with over 18 years of management experience, Oxocan Founder Ian Timis plays an integral part in the company's brand and direction. He inspires every team member with his innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, motivational work ethic and passion for the fast-growing wellness industry.

          Ian has held several professional senior positions in his past career, including playing a key role in the initial start-up phase, of three start-ups that matured into a multi-billion-dollar project. Within these projects, Ian acted as the Vice President for a dual-listed, oil and gas company and as President of Business Development for a Canadian listed gold project. 

          Ian has also acted as a Senior Consultant to European investment banking groups advising on the medical cannabis industry. Prior to launching Oxocan, Ian acted as the Project Manager for a large-scale 25,000ha Industrial  Agricultural project in West Africa, where he managed the entire operation, including 250 staff in peak season. This is where he discovered his true passion for growing organic and natural products.

          Ian holds a Business Management degree majoring in Finance from the University of Westminster Business School, London and has also completed his FCA, UK Financial Regulations for Capital Markets Programme with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, London.